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Venice Biennale

Telling the story of what it means to be “together”


Venice Biennale

Sara Zewde, Rio Institute of Cultural Heritage, Rio de Janeiro, with Merced Guimarães, IPN, Damião Braga, Quilombo da Pedra do Sal, Pequena África, Tia Ciata, Giovanni Harvey, the Working Group of the Circuit of African Heritage

In response to Alejandro Aravena’s prompt for the 15th International Venice Biennale of Architecture, Reporting from the Front, the curator chosen by the Bienal de São Paulo Foundation, Washington Fajardo, presented the exhibit Juntos  [Together] at the Brazilian Pavillion. The curator selected to feature the design works for the Valongo Wharf and the Circuit of African Heritage, among others, to tell the story of what it means to be “together.” The exhibition consisted of videos, photos, letters, articles, poetry, texts, facts, drawings and data, “composing a memorial for these lives immeshed in the fight to improve the constructed environment, in their communities, in the revival of a way of being and knowing.”