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Harvard Design Magazine: Wet Matter

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Platform 7

“Niebla.” January 2015: 78-79

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“Walking with Charles Eliot.” with Danika Cooper. January 2016: 5-7.


Landscript 5: Material Culture

“Transatlantic Memory at the Valongo Wharf, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.” October 2017: 163-173.

Harvard Design Magazine: No Sweat

“‘If You Don’t Build Anything, You Don’t Exist.’ Cementing the Future of Africatown in Seattle.” December 2018: 208-213.

Topos 105

“Making the Act of Remembering Visible.” December 2018.




Landscape Architecture Magazine

“Grappling With How To Commemorate People Enslaved at Brazil’s Valongo Wharf, Sara Zewde Designs a Way Forward For Memorials Everywhere.” April 2018. Story by Jennifer Reut.

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