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Battery Park Chair

An everyday fixture and an evocative symbol


Battery Park Chair

Sara Zewde, with Gita Khandagle and Carmen Taylor

Design, Community Engagement, Construction Administration

Street banners, often overlooked as a reusable material, yield vibrant, graphic images of museum events, music venues, sports teams, neighborhoods, city landmarks, celebrations, and educational institutions. This chair design submitted to the Battery Park Conservancy Chair Design Competition blurs the urban / pastoral dichotomy, visibly connecting Battery Park to the palpable creativity and vibrancy of New York’s gritty streets. 

The form and dimensions of the chair’s frame reinterpret the lawn chair, an object ubiquitous in the private realm of American yards, by improvising on its long-loved features—comfort, loungability, lightweight material, and portability. The structural frame is constructed of aluminum tubes to create a lightweight bodice that is mobile, yet long-lasting. Elbow joints connect the aluminum tubes for easy fabrication and durability. The pitch of the chair’s back encourages sitters to recline and relax, and its height, slightly lower to the ground, allows the user to comfortably rest their feet on the grass. As an object within the public realm, this chair is inviting to the passerby and versatile. It is both an everyday fixture  and an evocative symbol, layered with meaning.